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Is your family ready to welcome an adorable, loyal new member? At Happy Lab Kennels, we specialize in healthy, happy silver Labrador puppies, a variation of a chocolate lab with a gene mutation that creates their distinctive gray coat. Explore more about silver Labrador puppies for sale in NC and learn about the other great Labrador puppies we offer, including black, yellow and chocolate.

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Black and yellow lab puppies at Happy Lab Kennels

Available Labrador Puppies For Sale

Silver, Chocolate, Yellow, and Black Labradors Available

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever has been the number 1 breed of dog for the past 28 years. The reason for this record is simple. Labs are great dogs. They have a wonderful temperament and are filled with Love to share. They seem to have one goal in mind, making Life long friends and memories. Labs are the perfect example of unconditional Love. While they do thrive on Love and attention, they require little maintenance. No long hair and curls to worry about and shedding is minimal. At Happy Lab Kennels, we focus on producing dogs that are healthy, friendly, gentle and full of love! While our dogs are mainly loving companions, they do come from hunting stock. With proper training, they would make a great hunting partner.

Happy yellow lab at Happy Lab Kennels

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Our love for dogs has been growing for over 30 years

We both grew up with a family dog, and knew we would always have a dog or two when we were older. Well, our love for dogs have been growing for over 30 years, with never having just one. Our dogs are a big part of our family. We have them spend time with us indoors, as well as, outdoors. We have them sleep inside when the weather is cold and to take a break on those very hot days. In our dog journeys, we have taken our dogs to field trials and have been active members of a K-9 Search and Rescue Team.

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What is A Silver Labrador?

Loving companions, with the outgoing, friendly personalities

Silver Labrador Puppies for Sale NC

Silver labs were first created by a breeder in the early 80s and were officially recognized as a subset of the chocolate lab breed by the AKC in 1987. While some think the unusual color comes from outside the breed, these dogs are verified by the AKC as 100 percent Labrador retriever.

Male labs grow to an average of 24.5 inches and an average weight of 70 pounds, and female labs are usually a bit smaller.

Our silver labrador puppies are bred as loving companions, with the outgoing, friendly personalities that have long made labs one of the most popular family dogs. These rare purebred, pedigreed pups are registered with the American Kennel Club. The Silver Labradors are registered as chocolates.

Like other lab variations, silver labradors need lots of exercise. Get ready to play endless games of catch and take long walks around your neighborhood, where your pet is sure to make friends with other dogs and humans alike.

These dogs respond well to training and easily adapt to new environments. They also tend to be great with children, although younger labs can be quite boisterous and may be excitable around those younger than 5.

Silver lab at Happy Lab Kennels

Our Other Labrador Retriever Colors

Silver, chocolate, yellow, and black Labradors available for sale

Black lab puppy at Happy Lab Kennels

Black Labrador Puppies

Black labs are sometimes considered the original Labrador puppies, brought to Newfoundland in the 1700s. Because black is the dominant color gene for these dogs, they are more common than yellow, silver and chocolate labs.
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Chocolate lab puppy at Happy Lab Kennels

Chocolate Labrador Puppies

Chocolate labs are the most popular family pets in the U.S. and often serve as show dogs. We offer an impressive selection of purebred chocolate labrador puppies for sale. This chocolate color comes from a gene variation on the classic black lab.
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Yellow lab puppy at Happy Lab Kennels

Yellow Labrador Puppies

Yellow labs originate in Newfoundland and were brought to the British settlers in the 18th century. Their golden hue occurs when both parents carry the gene for yellow fur rather than the dominant gene for black.
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